Community Association Documents

Convenants, conditions and restrictions that define the rights and obligations of The Rim Golf Club Community Association.  The CC&R was originally filed in 1998 with Gila County, Arizona.

The Rim Golf Club Community Associations By Laws cover the organizational structure of the board of directors, public meeting requirements, and financial and operational reporting.

The Articles of Incorporation establish The Rim Golf Club Community Association as a non-profit corporation in Arizona and defines the mission and powers of the association.

The Third Amendment to the CC&Rs establishes the requirement that any lot or homeowner must acquire at least a Golf Club Sports Membership.

Minutes from The Rim Golf Club Community Association Annual Meeting held on July 25, 2016

Payson Fire Department Community Information Alert Service

The Payson Community Information Service is tied into a nationwide network that allows law enforcement agencies to communicate with the public via text/SMS, e-mail, and Internet posts at no cost. Communications can range from emergency alerts to routine day-to-day information including traffic and missing persons reports, safety tips, crime information, community outreach programs, and other public safety information.