Firewise Communities Program

Firewise Community Action

The Annual Firewise Brush pick up was held Monday, April 3-14 2017.  All brush was placed next to the road for easier pick up.  Pine needles and small debris were placed in garbage bags.  Firewise standards are posted below as guidance for our home and lot owners regarding brush removal.   To maintain our Firewise Community status the number of personnel involved and hours worked is documented.  In 2006 The Rim Golf Club Community Association received its first National Firewise Recognition certificate and has been recognized for 12 continuous years as a Firewise Community.  You can call the Association office (928-474-4809) or email us at: for more information.   

Since the brush pits were not open this year, the maintenance crew managed to obtain a wood chipper enabling us to get rid of our brush.  Thank you all for your support, and for keeping our community safe by firewising.

Community Volunteers

Volunteering to help firewise common areas within The Rim.

Firewise Community Volunteers

Firewise Standards

Firewise standards help guide homeowners in the appropriate actions they need to take to reduce the threat of flash fires on their property.

Wildfire Evacuation Plan

The threat of wildfires is a reality of living in one of the largest pine forest in the country.  Preparation and planning can help guide our actions to protect our families and property.